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Named after a royal stud farm, Stuttgart doesn’t often attract much attention - at least among those who aren’t business travelers - as a place to spend a holiday. Which is unfortunate, because the city has lots of interesting surprises in store for anybody who’s willing to spend some time in it. Stuttgart is a city in southwest Germany, a major center of industry, trade and commerce. It’s a business city, a city whose motto seems to be work- the home of big names like Daimler Benz, Porsche and Bosch.

But before you start imagining a concrete jungle, Stuttgart is also a city that is half parks, gardens, orchards, vineyards and woodlands. It’s a city that is known for its greenery, for its exquisite wines, its fruit, and the beauty of the surrounding countryside. Stuttgart also counts among the greatest wine growing regions in Germany. You can taste and savour local wine on numerous wine festivals, in cosy wine bars or directly at the winegrower’s.

Add to that the fact that Stuttgart is virtually the cultural capital of the region, with world-class orchestras, theatres and choirs, and it becomes a city definitely worth adding to your itinerary. High tech and high culture coalesce perfectly in Stuttgart as you find culture on top level here.

The city has lots of interesting surprises in store for anybody who’s willing to spend some time in it!

Did you know? Stuttgart State Opera won so many awards because of its extra ordinary choir and its innovative staging. Stuttgart ballet has been one of the leading ballet ensembles of the world for more than fort years!

The suburbs of Bad Cannstatt and Berg (the former was once a separate town altogether), are health spas, so if you want to relax a bit and imbibe some of the healing waters of the area, this is the place to come. Both places offer health and sports facilities, and are popular with fitness conscious folk.

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