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Best Time to Visit Greece

If you want the beaches of Crete and the archaeological monuments of Athens all to yourself, consider a trip between the end of April (after Easter) and late June. The crowds are smaller, the weather is warm but not hot and the infrastructure is still running well. September and October offer about the same advantages. Tourist season is June to September and that's when you'll get great weather, lots of activity and lots of crowd! Some of Greece's most lively events are held during the tourist season. Of these, the Athens Festival is among the most prominent- it hosts drama and music performances in Greece's ancient amphitheatres, giving the tourist a dazzling cultural experience.

The winters are damp and cold - plus the quality of the tourism services takes something of a nosedive in winter. Seems like this is vacation time for the Greek tourist industry, although the situation is slowly improving.


You will find a distinctive weather pattern in every different Greek region you visit. For the typical Mediterranean hot, dry summer followed by wet mild winters, you need to be in the south and central part of the country. The months of May, June, September and October are pleasant while July and August can be scorching. Northern Greece, on the other hand, has a more continental climate.

The natural barrier of the Pindus ensures major rains for the western part of the country, but much less for the east. Snow is common in the mountains.

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