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Surrounded by miles and miles of clear blue Aegean Sea waters, Greece lies along the eastern edge of Europe- a tiny country, jam-packed with everything a tourist destination could boast of. Oodles of history and culture; towering mountains and golden beaches; wooded hills and ancient ruins: not much is missing in Greece.

The land of Socrates and Plato, Greece was the abode of fabled gods and mythical goddesses and home to some of the most brilliant architectural works of all times, Greece is today a revelation of history. No, you won't have Greeks quoting from Plato and Aristotle at every street corner, but you will see vibrant dancing, you will eat sinfully delicious Mediterranean food and you will- like thousands of other visitors- gaze in awe at the majesty of temples which were built before the birth of Christ. Greece is a land rich in culture, a culture which continues to enthrall long after you've returned from your trip.

From the ageing splendor of the Acropolis and the Parthenon, all the way to the vineyards of Crete to the ancient Temple of Delphi, to the whitewashed buildings in Mykonos, Greece will be a voyage that is an explorer’s delight and will never cease to overwhelm you.

Did you know that the Greeks prefer to celebrate their Name Day rather than their birthday? Most Orthodox Greeks are named after a saint and they celebrate the birthday of their patron saint as their Name Day. On name days there is celebration and partying and the appropriate phrase to wish the person is "CHRONIA POLLA", Those who are not named after a saint, celebrate ‘Name Day’ on All Saint’s Day , 8 weeks after Easter.

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