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Best Time to Visit Guyana

Guyana is known for its beautiful waterfalls such as Kaieteur and Orinduik, these are the places the country is most visited for. The peak-tourist season to witness the beauty of these falls with better weather is towards the end of wet or rainy season which marks late August till early September or late January till early February.

80% of the Guyana treasures dense rainforests with rare plants and species. Therefore a visit to its rainforests is a must. The ideal time to visit the rainforests is during the dry months of September, October and November when there is almost no rainfall. Visiting the rainforests during the wet season (December and January, May till mid August) will hamper you to explore the beauty of profound forests as the area turns into huge mud pond.

Carrying umbrella, raincoat and drinking water is mandatory.


Guyana enjoys tropical climate throughout the year. The temperature remains warm with high rainfall, resulting in humidity throughout. The temperature dangles between 16 degree Celsius and 34 degree Celsius respectively. Humidity along the coast is comparatively 80% higher than 65-70% in savannah region. Average daytime temperature remains 28 degree Celsius.

Guyana has two wet and two dry seasons in particular. The first wet season with long lasting heavy showers swathes the months of December and January, whereas the next wet segment, with less intense but regular pours, encloses the months from May till mid August.

Within the dry season the ‘no-rain’ months start from September till November, whereas the second dry season includes the months of February, March and April.

The forest region of the country obtains 3,000 mm rainfall, whereas savannah and the coast region obtain 1,600 mm and 2,300 mm rains respectively. The sun shines five hours on average during wet season and seven hours during the dry.

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