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Hungary Tourism

93,030 sq km of landlocked expanse sharing borders with Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Yugoslavia, Croatia and Slovenia - this is Hungary! Hungary’s history goes back 1100 years – a destiny which combined both repression and self-rule. Communism is history now and Hungary, like most of the world, is learning the ways of capitalism. The country is at ease with this new identity.

Budapest, the capital, is also the centre stage for social and economic activity; but for the tourist this is not the only offering the country has. To see the rustic countryside, tantalizing beaches and lush vineyards, you will have to course through the length and breadth of the country. And you’ll wish you could do it all over again...and again.

Hungary displays both the laid-back easy going lifestyle of Eastern Europe and the spell-binding cultural and natural bounty typical of the West. The country has been at the top of the economic scale, but at moments in history it has also been at the bottom of the barrel. Today, life is at a halfway point between these two situations. Unemployment is high and salaries are low. That, however, hasn’t taken away from the way the Hungarians will approach you – formal, reserved yet easily befriended. A mosaic of cultures, gorgeous scenery, affordable food and transport and simplicity of lifestyle is sure to make this trip unforgettable for you.

Hungarians love to eat spicy food and they are well known for it in the whole of Eastern Europe. Their food is heavily seasoned in the company of paprika, tomatoes and pepper of all sizes, shape, colour and flavour!!

Find a little bit of India and Krishna consciousness in Hungary! Krishna Valley is located 30 kms from Balaton, spread over 260 hectares, is a refuge of peace and serenity run by ISKCON devotees of Lord Krishna. The residents follow a simple lifestyle and indulge in sustainable organic farming. the credo here is: simple living, high thinking.

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