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Walking Tour

A conglomeration of ‘Buda’ and ‘Pest’ – the city of Budapest has something to offer every traveller. While the Buda side is quainter, encompassing the Buda Castle, lined with cobbled streets and spans of greenery, the Pest side offers a mix of metropolis constructions as well as hidden historic sites. To get a real time feel of the city, there is nothing better than walking, walking and walking, and below we offer a brief description of areas you could cover on both sides.

Buda Side: If looking at exploring the Buda side on foot, we would suggest, starting at the Roosevelt Square, and walking across the famous ‘Chain Bridge’, crossing over to Buda. As you reach, towards your left is one of the entrances to the castle, and if you would like to do it in style, take a 5 minute cable car ride up the hill, where you will be greeted by a figurine of the National Hungarian Bird, perched above the gate, as well as magnificent views of the city. Head towards the Royal Palace or Buda Castle and spend a few hours exploring the magnificent castle with its fine architecture, history and interesting facts and then as you finish, head towards the Fishermen’s Bastion and St. Matthias’s church --- walking the cobbled lanes of Buda, with many street side cafés and restaurants, where you may stop by for a quick re-fuel! As you walk across Tarnok Street you will be greeted by the St. Mathias’s Church. Be sure to buy a ticket and explore the inside, sprawled by ornate carvings and paint-glass windows. As you exit Mathias’s church, you will be at the Fisherman’s Bastion, reputed to be the area from which the Fisherman would guard the Buda Castle. From one of the seven lookout towers, you will be greeted by beautiful scenic views of the Pest skyline and river Danube, a must picture point! If you are lucky, you might even catch some live music and performances, in the amphitheatre situated right next to this point, behind the Hilton hotel. At your leisure, begin the stroll down towards the Chain Bridge and as you walk down from the Fisherman Bastions point, you will see many charming houses of medieval and baroque style on both side and patches of greenery/ gardens all around. A quick downhill walk of about 15-20 minutes and you will reach the Chain Bridge, crossing over to the Pest side.

Pest Side: Begin your tour, once again on the Roosevelt Square, lined with many river-side cafés and restaurants, where you can tank up before setting out towards St. Stephen’s Basilica, about a 10-15 minute walk from the square center. Be sure to climb to the top, one of the highest points of Budapest. Upon finishing your tour, head out towards the Opera House - a neo-renaissance construction, decorated with carvings of famous composers having performed there. As you exit the Opera House, you will find yourself in ‘Andrassy’ Avenue. The main boulevard of Budapest, regarded as the ‘Champs Elysees’ of Budapest, this road is lined with eclectic shops, lovely homes, restaurants & bars, theatres and much more… A long stroll up this street, will find you at the Hero’s Square, regarded as the millennium memorial, lined with statues of Hungary’s famous peopele including kings, governors and others. Around this area you will also find the Museum of Fine Arts and Mucsarnok Art Gallery, well worth a visit.

The famous ‘Gundel’s restaurant is also situated few blocks from this point. Once you finish this stretch, we would recommend taking a public transport system back towards the Roosevelt Square or for the more adventurous traveller, begin you walk back… taking a fresh glimpse at everything you pass by!

Budapest is the perfect place for ice skating during the months of October-February in the City Park. Skates can be rented on the spot on hourly basis.

Skiing is another activity in the winters, Normafa on the Buddha Hills being the only skiing area in Budapest.

Margaret Island is also ideal for jogging and cycling . Bikes are easily available and can be hired on the island.

‘God created the Magyars to sit on the horseback’, is the popular saying. Therefore horse-riding , is a well- liked activity of the Hungarians.

In summer, water skiing and rowing are the best options for the water and speed lovers.

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