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Places Near Budapest

There are many places within the radius of 50km from Budapest that could interest you and are worth a visit if you need a break from the big city. Some of the towns that are close to Budapest are:

Esztergom is the most holy town of Hungary. The spectacular cathedral is worth a visit. This building can be seen from miles away owing to the fact that it is situated on a hill and also dominates the whole town. You can also spot Slovakia on the other side of Danube if you stand outside the cathedral.

Holloko has typical houses, breathtaking scenery and the folk culture to be cherished on your visit.

Visegrad has nothing amazing in itself but the Visegrad ruins consisting of the citadel on top of the mountain, and the Royal Palace, Water Bastion and Salamon Tower are the places that could interest you.

Szentendre is a town which is the best destination of many tourists and artists. You can relax a day in this little town or take a walk along the Danube, eat, shop or visit a gallery or a museum.

Visit the Royal Palace of Godollo, about 30 km northeast from the outskirts of Budapest. The palace is one of the most beautiful ensembles of baroque buildings. The palace is a popular residence of Emperor Franz Josef and his Austrian Queen Elisabeth.

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