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People and Society of Iceland

Iceland has a classless society and its small population is fiercely proud of its culture. The roots of the Icelandic people lie in their Nordic and Celtic background, and there is a strong identification with the Scandinavian people. A cool people, Icelanders are a hardy sport-loving lot. They love the great outdoors and find ample avenues to indulge their passion for it in the fabulously varied topography of their country. Fishing in the fjords, hiking in the rugged terrain that is north and central Iceland, whizzing down slopes in snowmobiles, swimming – the all time favourite, chilling out in a natural sauna in a raging storm…they love it and its spice of life here.

Iceland is known as the land of ‘fire and ice’. Steaming geysers, streaming lava team up with towering glaciers and glacial lakes in this beautiful country. The people too are a delicious combination of fire and ice. A live and let live attitude of supreme liberalism combines with a pride in their country and community and a passion for life, making the Icelander a truly graceful person.

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