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Destination extraordinaire, Iceland is the stuff of fantasy, fable and funky boob tube documentaries. Fundamentally exciting, Iceland is for those of us who take pleasure in the world that nature intended: throbbing with seismic activity, vulnerable to volcanic eruptions, this is a land where glaciers shimmer even as geysers simmer; this here is a land to stupefy the senses.

The sea around, the mountains within, the intricate filigree of rivers and fjords, the unending daylight of the summer months, the unrelenting nights of the winters, the wonder of aurora borealis when the northern lights blaze through the sky and into your memory forever…Iceland – less icy than you think, more fiery than you imagined!

Icelanders do not have surnames or a family name. Icelanders carry forward the names of their father and add “son” or “daughter” to it as their surnames. Thus: If Hinrik had a son named Pala, it would be Pala Hinriksson. If Hinrik had a daughter named Anna, it would be Anna Hinriksdottir. Owing to the fact that Icelanders do not have surnames, women in Iceland do not take their husband’s name when they get married.

Do not tip in restaurants in Iceland as it is considered as an insult to the waiters and others working there. Service charges are usually included in the bill.

Isn’t it strange that the sun never fully sets during the month of June in Iceland? There is daylight even during the night as the sun is above the horizon for most of the nights in summer. For the same reason Iceland has also been referred to as “the Land of the Midnight Sun”.

Iceland is one of the few countries on earth that has no defence force – no army, navy or airforce! But they do have coast guard service.

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