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Sightseeing in Bhadrachalam

Sightseeing in Bhadrachalam is all about visiting various temples, admire their beauty, and just sitting and soaking in the peace that pervades the environs here. Some of the interesting sites that are a must-visit in Bhadrachalam are Parnasala, and Abhaya Anjaneya Temple.

Parnasala, which is a renowned picnic spot of today, is a place of great historical and religious significance as this is the place where the demon king Ravana had abducted Sita. A tiny hut displaying some of the major events of Ramayana with lavishly painted sculptures is the main attraction amongst the tourists. Parnasala with this attraction along with magnificent River Godavari adds to the beauty of this place thus making it a must see in Bhadrachalam.

Abhaya Anjaneya Temple is another interesting place to see in Bhadrachalam. Although the temple is not it attracts tourists to its premises because of its remarkable architecture and beautiful sculptures that are constructed in cement but give an impression of wooden sculptures.

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