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Food of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra food is deliciously hot and tangy. The everyday favourite is pulihara, tamarind rice spiced up with sliced green chillies. The Telugu people love their side dishes, pickles that’ll have you red in the face, crisp poppadums and yoghurt. The dosa, a rice pancake is special in Andhra. Called the pessaratu, it is filled with a savoury semolina preparation called upma.

Famous all over the world, the aromatic meat and rice preparation called biryani belongs to Hyderabad. Taking its cue from the Nizams of Hyderabad, this distinctly Muslim food is mainly concerned with succulent meats, sweet spices and ways of putting them together in the most delectable fashion there could be. Fruits, like custard apples, bananas, mangoes and the locally grown grape, anab e shahi, act like an antidote to the spices of the food.

While Andhra cuisine (barring Hyderabadi fare) is predominantly vegetarian, the people of the coast do eat fish and prawns cooked in sesame or coconut. Andhra Pradesh was a dry state until recently. In days past the locally brewed rice toddy was consumed with passion! It still is in the villages, but in the cities people are much happier to knock back a neat Scotch.

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