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Places Near Horsley Hills

Some of the places near Horsley Hills that you can visit are Tirupati and Bangalore.

Other than these two places you can head to Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary which is 87 km from Horsley Hills. The wildlife sanctuary boasts of wildlife like cheetah, four horned antelope, sambhar, mouse deer, hare, porcupine, wild boar, jungle cat, jackal, sloth bear, panther, jungle fowl, pea fowls, and elephants. The sanctuary is also rich in flora as well and boasts of plants like Albizia Amara, Ficus Religiosa, Ficus Tomentosa, Ficus Bengalensis, and Bamboo, Santalum Album etc.

Another place that you can visit near the Horsley Hills is Tirupati the pilgrimage town of the Andhra Pradesh. Located at a distance of 160 km Tirupati is a must visit place near the Horsley Hills.

Bangalore is another destination that you can go to near the Horsley Hills. Bangalore located at a distance of 165 km is less than a three hour ride. Bangalore is an ideal place to visit if you want a big city life. From Bangalore you can catch a train to most parts of southern India. Nice way to travel around in the south.

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