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Sightseeing in Warangal

Some of the sightseeing options in Warangal are mentioned here.

Take a trip to the once glorious Warangal Fort near Hanamkonda, erected by Ganapati Deva and his daughter Rudramma. Though the Warangal fort now lies in ruins, four huge stone gateways leading to the fort stand as testimony to the Kakatiyas' architectural prowess. Perhaps a willing suspension of disbelief is all you need as you wander through the Warangal palace portals.

Close your eyes and enter the stone gateway at Warangal, and offer flowers at the crumbling Swayambhu temple, a shrine dedicated to Shiva. Then visit the three concentric shrines to Vishnu, Shiva and Surya in the Thousand Pillar Temple - another striking example of ornate Kakatiya architecture. King Rudradeva built this edifice at the base of Hanamkonda Hill. Shiva’s sacred bull, Nandi, carved out of black stone, guards the entrance and each pillar is intricately sculpted.

The Bhadrakali Temple at the summit of Hanamkonda is a shrine to Goddess Kali in her battle glory, brandishing weapons in each of her eight arms. 

Finally, cool off in front of the fountains at Warangal's sprawling Musical Gardens. Or spend a lazy afternoon at the Vana Vignan Kendra, a park on Hunter Road.

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