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Festivals and Events in Arunachal Pradesh

It may not always be possible to view the tribal festivals of Arunachal Pradesh unless it is being celebrated in the local town hall or community grounds.

Festivals are an essential part of the socio-cultural life of the people. Some of the important festivals are Mopin and Solung of the Adis, Lossor of the Monpas, Sherdukpens and Boori-Boot of the Hill Miris, Dree of the Apatanis, Si-donyi of the Tagins, Nyokum of the Nishis, Reh of the ldu Mishimisand many more. Animal sacrifice to appease the Gods is a common ritual in most festivals.

The tribals express their happiness in many dance festivals. Prominent among them are Dhol Cholom, which is performed to welcome the advent of spring. The steps of the dancers imitate the movements of animals and birds. The costumes of the dancers are elaborately worked on and they use elaborate masks during the performance. Teams of young girls in perfect rhythmic unison perform the ‘Ponung’ dance of the Adis. The Nishis and Tagins of Upper and Lower Subansiri perform similar group dances in colourful costumes

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Where :- Arunachal Pradesh, India
Date :- 22nd to 25th September, 2016

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