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Places Near Kaziranga

There are quite a few interesting places near Kaziranga National Park that you may visit on a day trip from here. Some of the prominent ones include Bokakhat, Behora, and Numaligarh ruins among others.

Venturing out from Kaziranga, the nearest place that you can visit is Bokakhat, 23 kms away that is renowned as a base for numerous tourist attractions around the region.

Take a trip to Behora, situated at a distance of about 43 kms from Kaziranga National Park, the place is renowned for its tea plantations and is a visual treat for sore eyes and tired mind.

Another interesting place near Kaziranga that is a must visit is Kakochang Falls. Situated at a distance of about 46 kms from Kaziranga, Kakochang Falls is a scenic picnic spot and an ideal place to soak in some peace and relax.

If you are fascinated by ancient ruins then head to Deopahar. Situated at a distance of about 51 kms, Deopahar is popular for Numaligarh Ruins.

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