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Pippala Cave


Rajgir is a place of tremendous historic significance, having served as the abode of the great Lord Buddha when he sat for twelve years, immersed in meditation. Translated literally, Rajgir implies ‘the abode of the king.’ Rajgir served as the capital city of Magadha Empire till the time of Lord Buddha. Rajgir is also home to the Pippala Cave, which was believed to house the religious hermits of King Jarasandh, who came here from time to time for both spiritual healings and meditation.

The Pippala cave, also known as ‘Jarasandh ki Baithak’, is so named after King Jarasandh, a contemporary of Lord Krishna, as described in the ancient Hindu epic of Mahabharata. A true wonder of nature, the cave has been carved out on Vaibhava Hill over the course of thousands of years by natural forces. Geometrically, it is a rectangular stone that appears to have acted as a watch tower for either the military installations posted there, or for the hot springs situated under the Vaibhava Hill.

The cave also attracts throngs of Buddhist followers, as it is believed to have been a centre of sanctity during the time of Lord Buddha. Pippala cave is also ideal for meditation, primarily due to its tranquility and peacefulness. The hot springs are a major tourist destination, with the water supposed to have medicinal properties capable of curing skin diseases.

Best time to visit

The place witnesses temperatures ranging from 40 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius during summers and 28 degrees Celsius to 6 degrees Celsius during winters. The ideal time to visit the caves is during the months of October to March, when the weather is cool and pleasant.


The town Rajgir, in which the caves are situated also plays host to the Rajgir Mahotsav, a cultural festival that brings together local artists and performers from across the state of Bihar and outside. Hosted over a period of two days, the event showcases the cultural aspects of the city, with adventure tourism and night lighting providing tourists with added incentives.

Also of note are the Rajgir Dance festival held every year, and the Malamasa Mela, which is held once every three years.


The cave can be visited anytime of the day.

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