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Best Time to Visit Chandigarh

The best time to visit Chandigarh is in the winter between November and March when the temperatures are in the range of 20-25 degrees Celsius. At the height of winter in January the day time temperatures may fall a bit lower and the nights are cold at a minimum of 2 degrees C. In November the Chandigarh Carnival takes place and celebrations are in the air with cultural shows, dance, music and good cheer in the air.

Later in end February/March it is time for the Festival of Gardens - at this time Chandigarh is truly a garden city with beautiful flower shows that present a colourful sight. Every flower lover should attend this!

The summer creeps up in April when it starts to get warm and by May/June the mercury reaches the 44 degree C mark, making it unbearably hot especially in the daytime. July brings some respite withe the rains, but even as temperatures come down to the 32 degree C mark, the humidity levels rise. This hot and humid weather lastes till September and it is only in October the weather starts to cool down. The gardens of Chandigarh are in full bloom during late February and March so be there if you have a love for flowers. The Festival of Gardens is generally held in March and this is beautiful time to see the riot of colours. If its festivities that are the draw then in November the Chandigarh Carnival is on, and celebrations are in the air with cultural programmes and fairs taking place.

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