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Festivals and Events in Chhattisgarh

Festivals and events in Chhattisgarh, are different from their counterparts elsewhere - the tribals’ celebrations are marked by plenty of drinking, singing and dancing that generates a great deal of revelry. The rhythmic beats of drums and the sound of voices reverberate in the air and people shed all their inhibitions and make merry. Cockfights, shooting contests, folk theatre and Pandavi performances are regular features on festival days.

Celebrated just before Holi in the month of March, Bhagoria Haat is a tribal festival of the Jhabua and Nimar districts. Interestingly the main highlight of the festival is the eloping of young boys and girls after selecting their partners to be caught eventually and recognised as a couple by their tribes.

Dussehra festivities in Bastar are very special - and are a perfect coming together of traditional religious beliefs with tribal rituals. The festival begins with the selection of a 7-year-old girl from the weaver community to be the goddess. She is supposed to ensure that the ten-day long celebrations go off without a hitch. On the ninth day or Navratri, nine young girls are worshipped, and presented with new clothes and special food. The ninth day is also especially important because the tribal chiefs celebrate Navakhani, a ceremony without which not one grain of the new harvest can be eaten.

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