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Festivals and Events in Raipur

There are numerous festivals and events in Raipur that are celebrated mostly in the Shravan and Sharad Purnima months of the Hindi Panchang (calendar).

Hareli is one of the major festivals in Raipur and is celebrated in July. The festivities include farmers putting leaves of the Bhelwa tree on their crops and praying for a good crop. People also hang neem twigs from their household doorframes to keep away seasonal diseases.

Gouri Goura is another prominent festival in Raipur that is celebrated in the month of August. The celebrations are spread over a period of six days and the festival commemorates the marriage of the Goddess Parvati to Lord Shiva.

Dedicated to the bull worship is the festival of Pola. Children are gifted with clay bull idols during this festival and there are other entertaining fun and games during celebrations.

Kila Raipur Rural Olympics is one of the prominent events in Raipur. Various sports like bull racing are organised during this event.

Other festivals in Raipur that are celebrated with great fanfare include the festival of Surti that is celebrated in the month of October and the festival of Teej that is celebrated in December. Praying for the longevity of their husbands on this day, Teej is the festival when women dress in their bridal finery and fast for their husbands’ good health.

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