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Driving Direction to Bhuj

Driving Direction from Ahmedabad to Bhuj

Distance: 333 km
Driving Time: 8.00 hours

To drive out of Ahmedabad take the road towards NH 8C and once on this highway keep driving straight for about 3 kms before you reach a roundabout.
At the roundabout follow the signboard to get you onto the Sanand highway/ SH 17 and if you want you may stop here as there are numerous roadside dhabas on this highway.
After your halt get onto the road again and enjoy the highway ride for about 47 kms till you reach another roundabout and from here follow signboards to get onto the SH 7 and drive straight for about 32 kms till you reach a fork and from here keep right at fork and drive on for another 30 kms before you take a right turn to reach Dhg-Malwan Road.
On this road you will cross Dhavdi Ma Temple and in case you want to break the journey then you may stop here, pay homage at the Dhavdi Ma Temple on your left and also satiate your hunger pangs at the roadside dhabas with some light snacks and if need be use the washroom as well.
Get back onto the road again and drive on for about 2 kms before you take a right turn to get onto the SH 7 again and once on this highway it is a long drive of 71 kms before you take a right turn onto the NH 27.
On NH 27 you may stop at Bhachhau – another town in Gujarat where you can savour traditional Gujarati cuisine, use washrooms and get your car tank filled and the tyres checked up if need be.
From Bhachhau follow the signboard to get onto NH 42.
Once on NH 42 it is a drive of another 80 kms before you reach your final destination – Bhuj.

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