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Sightseeing in Somnath

Sightseeing in Somnath includes visiting Somnath Temple, Triveni Ghat and Baluka Teerth among other interesting places to see. The Somnath Temple is a testimony to an unbeatable mix of art and history. The splendid architecture, intricate stone carvings and breath-taking sculptures in the Somnath temple has twelve glorious Jyotirlinga.

Take a trip to Triveni Ghat that has been frequently mentioned in Vedas and Purans. This ghat is a sangam (meeting point) of three rivers namely Hiran, Kapil, and Saraswati. You can also visit Gita Mandir, Laxmi Narayan Mandir, and Suraj Mandir, which are located at Triveni Ghat. Situated in the north of Triveni Ghat is another famous temple.

Bhalka Tirth is a place revered as the area where Lord Krishna was hit by an arrow while meditating under a Banyan tree, when a hunter mistook his legs for a deer. Today you can pay homage to the majestic white idol of Lord Krishna that is placed in the small temple built aside that Banyan tree.

Other places to see in Somnath are Golokdham teerth, Sharada Peeth and the beach.

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