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Festivals and Events in Kasauli

All round the year, the people of Kasauli are in a festive mood, taking part in different celebrations, festivals and events with much fanfare and enthusiasm.

Some of the significant festivals and events in Kasauli are Lohri, Basant Panchmi, Solan Fair, Sari Fair, and Renuka Fair.

Lohri, a festival known for joy and merriment is celebrated in January to commemorate the harvesting season. Tourists get a glimpse of the culture and tradition of the place and enjoy the festive spirit with fervour and enthusiasm.

Followed by the festival of Lohri is the Basant Panchmi festival that is celebrated in the month of February with lots of exuberance. The festival is associated with kite flying and marks the beginning of the spring season.

Solan fair, also known as Shalooni fair in Kasauli is a significant festival in Kasauli that is dedicated to the Solani Devi. The festival is celebrated in June when people flock from different parts of the country and overseas to enjoy the festive spirit of the place.

Every year, the Sari fair is celebrated in July, when lots of cultural activities and events are organised during the fair. One of the major attractions of the Sari fair is Buffalo fighting that people come to see from nearby and faraway places.

After the harvesting season of the summer crops, Renuka fair is organised in November, by the banks of the holy Renuka Lake, with great enthusiasm and vigour. Various cultural and recreational events are organised by the people of Kasauli.

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