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Sightseeing in Kasauli

There is not much for sightseeing in Kasauli as the hill station is low on sights, but at the top of the list is definitely Monkey Point, named for the Hindu god Hanuman, a temple to whom marks the spot.

The view from Monkey Point- over the Sutlej River- is stupendous. Other than that, Kasauli’s two churches- the somewhat unassuming Baptist Church (dating back to 1922) and the imposing neo-gothic Christ Church, with its stained glass windows make for an interesting sight and merit a visit.

You can also pay a visit to the Krishna Bhavan Mandir, a temple built in 1926 and as European in appearance as Kasauli’s churches.

Also worth the experience are the walks around Kasauli- especially along the Lower Mall and the Upper Mall, and visits to nearby places such as Sabathu, a quiet cantonment town with an old Gurkha fort; and Dharampur, a picturesque hamlet that is home to a famous tuberculosis hospital.

If you are an ardent birdwatcher then Kasauli is your paradise for the virgin pine and deodar forests are teeming with birdlife parrots, humming birds, flycatchers, minuets, magpies and much more. Get bewitched by the melodious bird-song resounding in every corner of the tiny, but beautiful hill station of Kasauli.

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