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Driving Direction to Palampur

Driving Direction from Delhi to Palampur

Distance: 490 km
Driving Time: 10.00 hours

The drive from Delhi to Palampur can take up to 10 hours, depending on traffic conditions of the areas that you will pass.
To drive out of Delhi, take the GT Road and then head towards NH 1; you can tank up your petrol as you pass by Indian Oil Petrol Pump on NH 1, although the route is dotted with gas stations.
You can stop for food and refreshments at the Zhilmil Dhaba near Murthal and indulge in some of their specialties such as, stuffed tandoori paranthas and lassi – the place has clean loos, in case you want to freshen up.
If you have the time, take a break at Karni Lake near Karnal, which is off the highway and serves as an ideal picnic spot with boating facilities too.
The Punjabi Dhaba in Karnal is a good place to halt at; there are also petrol pumps here, so tank up if need be.
From Karnal, continue on NH 1 for about 80 km to arrive at Ambala; here you can make a detour and visit the Ambala airfield, where there is a memorial for the soldiers who lost their lives in war.
Moving ahead, take the Banur Road from Ambala and get onto Kharar-Banur Highway/SH 4 – you will pass through a petrol pump on your way.
Continue driving on this route, you will be passing Chandigarh in a while – if you started late, then it is advisable to stay overnight at Chandigarh.
There are many places to go sightseeing in Chandigarh especially, the Rock Garden and the Pinjore Garden, and if you are a shopaholic, Sector 17 and 18 are the place to visit.
Getting back on NH 1, follow the sign boards to continue on Kharar-Banur Highway/SH4.
Further, take NH 205 and a slight left to get onto the Phagwara-Mohali Expressway, from where you head for NH 21.
As you pass by Hotel Moon on your left, take a “U” turn onto NH 21A and drive for 20 km before getting onto NH 21.
Keep straight and as you drive past Vyas Hospital, turn left onto NH 88, where you will pass by a petrol pump on your left – top up your car tank if needed.
Drive for about 50 km, and turn right at Nadaun Chowk; take the first left here onto SH 39.
Next, turn left at MDR 38 and at Thakurduara, turn right.
As you pass by Punjab National Bank, get onto NH 20 – the scenic town of Palampur is about 2 km from here.

Driving Direction from Chandigarh to Palampur

Distance: 242 km
Driving Time: 5.00 hours

Take the Baddi Rd from Chandigarh to get out of the city, drive for about 13 kms and take a left turn onto NH 21A, drive on for 50 kms and you will have to take a sharp right to come on to NH 21.
Drive for 40 kms on NH 21 and you will reach Bilaspur, you may stop here at the Tiger Hill Hotel & Restaurant, where you can take a break and eat something.
Drive on further on NH 21 and you will pass by Sundernagar, where there is petrol pump, halt here to get your car fueled up.
Continue further and after passing the Roura Sector Police Station, look for a sign board to continue onto MDR 33 and you will pass by the Vyas Hospital on the right, from here you turn left onto NH 88.
Drive on NH 88 and you will reach Bhota, where you will spot a petrol pump, stop here in case you need to fuel up your car tank or to get any mechanical help.
Keep driving on NH 88 and after about 50 kms turn right at Nadaun Chowk on to NH 70, you will find an Indian Oil Petrol Pump on this highway in Hamirpur.
Follow the sign boards and keep driving on NH 70 to take State Highway 39 after passing by the Shivji Temple.
Drive on SH 39 for 23 kms and turn left at MDR 38, follow the sign boards to get onto SH 39 and turn right at Thakurduara onto NH 20 and you will pass by Punjab National Bank, Maranda.
Keep following the sign boards and Palampur is about 2 kms ahead.

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