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History of Sarahan

The history of Sarahan city as per Hindu scriptures and folklore involves the demon called Banasura. It is believed that he ruled the city of Shonitpur, which was the capital of the kingdom of Sarahana or present day Sarahan.

He had a beautiful daughter named Usha, who once saw a handsome young man in a dream. She became enamoured with the youth and narrated the dream to her friend Chitralekha. Based on her description of the dream, Chitralekha drew an image of the man and set out to search whether such a man actually existed.

Her quest brought her to Lord Krishna’s palace, where she saw Prince Aniruddha. He happened to be a spitting image of the man that she had sketched on princess Usha’s behest. She spotted him lying down on his bed at night, and kidnapped him along with his bed to take him to Usha.

When Lord Krishna was informed of this incident, he declared war on Banasura and rallied his troops to march to Shonitpur. Banasura was defeated, not even aware of what had transpired. The magnanimous Lord Krishna however forgave Banasura later; got Aniruddha and Usha married and gave back Shonitpur to Banasura as dowry.

The actual history involves a war between the kings of Kullu and Bushair. The king of Kullu was defeated in the final battle and beheaded. The people of Kullu implored the King of Bushair to return them the head of their king so his last rites could be ceremoniously performed. The king of Bushair relented, but kept three conditions for the return of the head. One of the conditions was that the portrait of Lord Raghunath would be retained in the Bhimkali Temple in Bushair. The land belonging to the King of Kullu was seized and added to the kingdom of Bushair, giving birth to present day Sarahan.

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