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Chitkul is a village near the town of Sarahan in Himachal Pradesh. Situated in the Himalayan Mountains Chitkul is the last inhabited Indian village near the Indo-Tibet border. It is also the last point in India to which one can travel to without a permit.

The Chitkul village is located on the banks of Baspa River and the last village on the old Hindustan-Tibet trade route. The village is known for its picturesque beauty, and gives one a scenic view of the snow clad mountain ranges and also of the Baspa River meandering through them. The village is also known for its apple orchards. Of the places one should visit when in Chitkul, the Kagyupa temple ranks the highest. The temple is known for its Shakyamuni Buddha statue and four Directional Kings on either side of the door. The temple also has a Wheel of life mandala which depicts the different stages a human has to go through during his life.

Other place of interest nearby includes the Kumru village, which encompasses thick cluster of houses surrounded by orchards and fields. The main gate of Kumru has an image of Buddha whose blessings is essentially to be sought before entering the village precincts. Another one is the scenic valley of Sangla. The road that goes off the highway into the Baspa valley gives captivating views at every curve. There area is covered with saffron fields and orchards.

Best time to visit

Summers in Sarahan last from March to June and are warm and pleasant with temperatures ranging from 10 to 25 degrees. Winters last from November to February and are generally very cold with temperatures falling to as low as 4 degrees. The best time to the visit the Chitkul village is from the month of February to November.


The village of Chitkul is located at a height of 3650 mts above sea level, and people from all over the world come here to take a look at what is the extent of India’s physical boundary.


Chitkul village can be visited anytime.

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