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Places Near Srinagar

Some of the interesting places near Srinagar that you can visit while in Srinagar are mentioned below for your convenience.

From Gulmarg, a trek leads up to the Alpathar Lake, which is at a distance of 13 kms and is an invigorating place around Srinagar. The popular route for trekkers is from Gulmarg to another resort at Khilanmarg, up to Apharwat and finally Alpather, which remains frozen even in summer.

Awantipura is a ruined city, 29 kms from Srinagar. Built in the 9th century by King Avantivarman, the ruins include a temple complex dedicated to Vishnu and Shiva.

Gulmarg, 57 kms from Srinagar and at a height of 2,730 metres is literally a meadow of flowers. Gulmarg is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Kashmir valley. A two-hour drive from Srinagar, down roads lined with towering poplars and you arrive at the luxuriant resort with breathtaking views of the splendid mountains and unspoilt expanses of green or white, depending on the season.

Wular Lake, the largest fresh-water lake in India, is 60 kms from Srinagar. Fed by the Jhelum River, the lake is spread over a 125 km expanse. Swift flowing winds keep the water of the lake turbulent and shimmering in sunlight. Wular is the habitat for several migratory and indigenous bird species.

Pahalgam, 96 kms from Srinagar, is a resort set in a pristine village lying next to the Lidder River. Surrounded with fragrant pine forests, the idyllic resort includes a golf course and spots for angling. The bubbling Lidder harbours a sizeable population of rainbow trout and mahaseer to ensure you don’t come away disappointed. The nearby forested slopes are home to the Himalayan brown bear. Once a very popular tourist destination, Pahalgam has camping facilities, ponies for short rides, skiing equipment for the winter and white water rafting in the Lidder.

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