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Sightseeing in Bandipur National Park

Sightseeing in Bandipur National Park is all about wildlife watching, bird watching or admiring the huge variety of flora available here.

Bandipur has plenty of game for you to see. There is a sizeable population of wild elephant, spotted deer and sambar, gaur and flying squirrel, four horned antelope, Nilgiri langur and sloth bear in this wildlife sanctuary. The Royal Bengal tiger (75 in the Park) and leopard are a little elusive here than elsewhere because the moister region that they inhabit falls under the protected core area where casual visitors are not allowed.

If you are naturalist, you will enjoy the variety of flora in Bandipur National Park. There are plenty of trees along with bushes, grasses, and thick undergrowth. Plant species visible here include Bambusa Arundinacea, Tectona Grandis, Pterocarpus Marsupium, Adina Cordifolia, Dalbergia Latifolia, Terminalia Tomentosa, Anogeisus Latifolia, Terminalia Chebula, Randia Uliginosa, and Amblica Officianalis.

If bird-watching is your scene, you will not be disappointed. Bandipur National Park offers sightings of birds like the woodpecker, warbler, weaverbird, kingfisher, drongo, fly-catcher, hornbill among others.

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