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Rangeen Mahal


The Rangeen Mahal or the colourful palace, positioned within the Gumbad Gate, is one of the best preserved sites in Bidar. The palace is believed to be built in the mid-16th century by Mahmud Shah Bahamani and some of the rooms were rebuild by Ali Barid Shah, who ornamented them with wood carving and mother of pearl engravings.

The tile work and the granite with mother-of-pearl inlay work are the exclusive features of the citadel walls. The external hall has intricate engraved wooden pillars. The palace has a six-bay hall with remarkable carved wood columns forming a rectangular foyer. The columns too enclose convoluted capitals and intricately engraved brackets, which shows the skills of the artisans of those days. Even the entrances to the internal accommodations have a frame of colourful tile work with Koranic verses on top of the entrance arch. Furthermore, the interior chambers have more tile work and mother-of-pearl inlay work, mostly around the entries, and on a board along the base of the fortifications. Persian couplets written in en-caustic tiles sums up the king's astuteness and devout beliefs.

The place definitely is a treat for all those with an eye for beauty and taste for a slice of history!

Best time to visit

Rangeen Mahal is completely barred for public and is open only for dignitaries.


One of the titles given to Ali Bard shah meant "messenger to the kings."


Rangeen Mahal is completely barred for public and is open only for dignitaries.

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