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Iruppu Falls


Situated in the Brahmagiri Range in the Kodagu district of Karnataka the Iruppu Falls borders the Wayanad district of Kerala. 48 km away from Virajpet, this fresh water cascade looks magnificent during the rainy season. Beginning from the lofty Brahmagiri peaks, the falls plunge 170 ft downwards in two different phases and is often referred to as the Lakshmana Tirtha Falls because the tributary of river Cauvery start from these falls. Iruppu falls is a major tourist attraction not only due to its natural beauty but also because of the celebrated Shiva temple, the Rameshwara Temple which is situated on the banks of the Lakshmana Tirtha River, en route to the Falls. In Southern Kodagu, a forest trail also leads from these falls to the Brahmagiri Peak which too is a great place to experience the lap of Nature. Surrounded by lush green Western Ghats, the roaring waters of the falls and the picturesque surroundings make it a favourite picnic spot.

Best time to visit

Monsoons are the best time to visit the falls to view their full capacity and enjoy a breathtaking sight.


A popular legend says that Lord Rama and Lakshmana, passed along the Brahmagiri range while they were searching for Rama’s wife, Sita. At that time, Rama felt thirsty and asked Lakshmana to fetch him drinking water, the latter “shot an arrow into the Brahmagiri hills and brought it into being the river Lakshmana Tirtha”

Folklores states that the holy water of these falls possesses magical powers capable of absolving one’s sins. Thus, the auspicious day of Shivaratri, witnesses hundreds of devotees flocking to this place to seek Lord Shiva’s blessing and removing their sins.


There are no timings to see the falls, however to view the falls via the temple boundaries, note that the gates are closed between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

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