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Eating Out in Gokarna

There is a variety of choices for eating out in Gokarna as the town offers plethora of restaurants that serve good food at reasonable prices.

Among the best places to eat in Gokarna, there is Pai Hotel on Temple Road, which serves excellent Upma, ideal for breakfast. One of the well-known places to eat in Gokarna is Pai Restaurant on Main Street, which serves vegetarian dishes. If you are love fast food then you may like to try fried pies.

Visit one of the oldest restaurants, Shree Shakti Cold Drinks and Restaurant that has been serving guests since last 30 years and serves Indian cuisines, along with mouth watering ice creams and delicious fresh lassi, a drink made of yoghurt.

Almost all the beaches offer excellent sea food. Gokarna is not an exception. At Namaste cafe on Om beach tourists flock to eat special delicacies such as Prawn Masala and King Fish Sizzler. For the food connoisseurs, there is Indian, Mexican and Israeli food.

As you move towards Gokarna Beach, at the end of the main road, you will find a couple of good restaurants and dhabas. In local restaurants, kingfish, Pomfret and seer are some of the popular fishes that are served roasted, fried and curried.

There are restaurants that offer special thalis. At Anand Bhavan or Gokarna International Hotel, you can try the authentic local thalis in which vegetable and non-vegetarian preparations are served with rice and chapatti.

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