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Things to do in Hampi

Hampi’s things to do list roll out a lot of options for sightseeing and shopping. Hampi has many sites to see – temples, bazaars and other ruins, which will keep you captivated for hours. Buildings in this region are an exotic mix of Hindu and Islamic styles and the result is high vaulted domes and striking carvings.

Go for a ride in a coracle across the Tungabhadra River and visit Anegondi to travel around various small temples. If you are interested to see the complete picture of Hampi’s present and past then pay a visit to the Archaeological Museum (Kamalapuram) that has models of the ancient Hampi town. You can collect a plenty of hand-crafted items and enjoy a simple and basic vegetarian food prepared in local hotels and restaurants.

Sightseeing in Hampi

Sightseeing in Hampi is all about visiting various temples, the famous Hampi bazaar and the ruins that are scattered all over the town.

Shopping in Hampi

Shopping in Hampi is all about buying all about visiting the popular Hampi Bazaar also known as Virupaksha Bazaar.

Activities in Hampi

Outdoor activities in Hampi may not be too many, but the sheer granite rocks provide a good opportunity for rock climbing.

NearBy Places in Hampi

Some of the interesting places near Hampi are mentioned below for your convenience.

Bijapur (235 km) is still very Muslim in flavour.

Eating Out in Hampi

There are a variety of options for eating out in Hampi, as there are number of restaurants that serve both international along with local cuisines.

Festivals & Events in Hampi

The Hampi Festival is a state-sponsored cultural extravaganza, and the largest festival in Hampi and is generally held in the first week of November for three days.

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