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Places Near Hampi

Some of the interesting places near Hampi are mentioned below for your convenience.

Bijapur (235 km) is still very Muslim in flavour. Once the capital of the Adil Shah dynasty (1489-1686) who had broken away from the kingdom of the Muslim Bahamanis who had ruled parts of south India. Bijapur has scattered remnants of its legacy, most famously the gigantic mausoleum of Mohammed Adil Shah called the Gol Gumbaz.

Badami (175 km) was the capital of the Chalukyan Empire that governed a large part of the Deccan between 4 AD and 8 AD. It’s now a small town set amidst lush fields against a red sandstone ridge that looms up behind. Aihole and Pattadakal nearby have similar character: samples of the earliest the earliest forms of Dravidian temple architecture, and sculptures in rock cut caves. Badami has four sets of caves cut out of the red sandstone ridge. The magnificent carvings inside these, some representing myriad forms of Shiva, the Destroyer, and some representing Vishnu, the Preserver, make Badami a must-visit place.

Bidar (378 Km) was the capital of the Bahamani kings from 1482 and later passed into the hands of the Barid Shahi dynasty. There are some beautiful specimens of typical Muslim art and architecture to be found here. Bidriware or silver and black metal ware is a local craft made mostly using Islamic motifs, set in a dark background of blackened zinc, tin, copper and lead to create the most striking ashtrays, boxes, bangles and such.

Gulbarga (673 km), the Bahamani capital before Bidar has a wonderful old fort and some beautiful mausoleums and mosques.

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