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History of Mangalore

Mangalore which derives its name from a local Hindu goddess Mangladevi has a rich historical past. Its strategic location on the coast ensured Mangalore’s pre-eminence as an important trading port since antiquity. There are references to Mangalore in the historical accounts of Ptolemy and Pliny. Historical evidence reveals that till the 14th century, the Alpa dynasty held sway over Mangalore, establishing it as their capital city. Subsequently sever other dynasties including the Kadambas, Alupas, Western Chalukyas, Hoysalas and the Rastrakutas ruled over Mangalore. In 1520, the Portuguese captured Mangalore and occupied it. However, by 1695, the Arabs at established themselves here. In 1763, Hyder Ali the King of Mysore conquered Mangalore. With the advent of the British, Mangalore was annexed to the British Empire. Tipu Sultan overthrew the British in 1794 but with his defeat at Seringapatnam, Mangalore once again came under the British. In 1956, Mangalore became part of the Indian state of Karnataka.

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