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Places Near Mysore

Some of the interesting places near Mysore have been mentioned below for your convenience.

Srirangapatnam (12 km) is a river island that because of its natural protector in the River Cauvery had for long been a coveted location for many powers. It’s most famously associated with Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan who fought off the marauding Marathas and the British from here till Tipu was tragically defeated in battle right here in his backyard.

Parts of the old Fort still stand, as does Tipu’s Daria Daulat Bagh, the summer palace set in a magnificent garden. The palace itself is resplendent with detailed frescoes on its teak walls and ceilings, of battle scenes and father and son at the head of an elephant army. An old mosque stands on the same soil as three temples in testimony to Tipu’s religious tolerance, and the family mausoleum or Gumbaz has beautiful ivory on wood inlay.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary (15 km) located on a river island in the Cauvery, is a wetland birds haven. Here, there are resident flocks of ibis, egrets, cormorants, storks, spoonbill ducks, darters, and others that are best viewed in the morning or afternoons. It can be accessed by road and boats will take you around the island for a fruitful and enjoyable trip.

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