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Things to do in Udupi

Udupi is known as a pilgrimage destination. The list of things to do in Udupi consists of visits to various temples and admiring the artefacts in Hast Shilpa. Don’t forget to try the popular wheat and banana halwa and take some banana chips and mango pickles back home. Lie back on the Kaup Beach and enjoy the sea view. Climb up the old lighthouse to have a lovely view around. Make sure you try the spicy local food while in the city. Make a trip to nearby Malpe beach or St.Mary's beach for some solitude.

Sightseeing in Udupi

Sightseeing in Udupi is all about visiting the various temples here which is a top priority.

Shopping in Udupi

Shopping in Udupi is all about buying local spices, wooden handicrafts and ethnic earthenware for which the place is popular.

Activities in Udupi

There are not many activities in Udupi that visitors can indulge in, however, if you step out of the town then you may find numerous activities that you may enjoy.

NearBy Places in Udupi

Some of the interesting places near Udupi you can visit are St Mary's Isles and Malpe Beach.

Eating Out in Udupi

Eating out in Udupi is all about savouring the delicious Udupi cuisine. The food is mouth- watering and filling; the cuisine is available all over the city, in restaurants as well as in local eateries.

Festivals & Events in Udupi

Udupi is a culturally and spiritually powerful place; the festivals in Udupi are of great significance determining the lifestyle of the people of this place.

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