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Eating Out in Udupi

Eating out in Udupi is all about savouring the delicious Udupi cuisine. The food is mouth- watering and filling; the cuisine is available all over the city, in restaurants as well as in local eateries.

Most of the dishes in this cuisine are rice based and traditionally served on banana leaves. Traditional style of cooking is followed here and the best places to eat are in shops near the Sri Krishna temple. Some dishes that are popular in this cuisine are Idlis, Medu Vada, Dosas and a curry made out of lentils and vegetables called Sambar.

Snacks such as Golibaje, made from curd and flour is worth a try and is available in local restaurants, where you may also get north Indian dishes. There are juice parlours spread all over the city that serve fresh juice and ice cream.

There are lounges and bars that serve non-vegetarian dishes including fish preparations such as Sardine, Mackerel and King fish served fried or in Malabari style curries.

Tickle your taste buds with some Oriental cuisine as well at the China Valley.

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