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Festivals and Events in Udupi

Udupi is a culturally and spiritually powerful place; the festivals in Udupi are of great significance determining the lifestyle of the people of this place. The festivals are celebrated with much grandeur and style. Most of the festivals are based on the Hindu religion.

The most popular festivals include the Paryaya festival held every alternate year; the last being held in 2012. The festival is organised on January 18 and attracts devotees from the state and beyond. The roads are flooded with Raths or chariots with processions that display cultural shows such as folk dances and religious hymns. The locals participate in the folk dance and show intensive dance performances such as Naga Mandala (the snake dance), Bhoota Kola and Yakshagana. Most of these dances depict stories from Hindu epics and legends.

Holi, a festival of colours, is held in Febraury-March to commemorate the advent of spring. Hanuman Jayanthi is a religious festival held in April to celebrate Lord Hanuman’s birthday.

Chariot processions are spread all over the city for a week during Ratha Sapthami, held in July. In August, Bhajana Saptaha celebrations are held for a week in the Sri Laxmi Venkatesh Temple. Bhajans (Hindu hymns) are recited and sung day and night, without a break.

Krishna Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated around August. At this time, Ratha or chariot processions are held with the deity seated on the chariot and hand-pulled by several devotees on the Rathabeedi road.

In October, Navarathi Mahotsava or Dusshera is celebrated to glorify the victory of good against evil. During Deepavali, also referred to as ‘The Festival of Lights’, lamps are lit in every household; people worship Goddess Lakshmi during this festival. Goddess Laksmi is the God of wealth and prosperity, in the Hindu religion.

Other religious festivals held include, Makar Sankranti and Madhva Jajanti.

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