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Getting Around in Kerala

Kerala’s public transport provides easy and affordable connectivity to most districts within the state. There are helicopters, buses, taxis, auto rickshaws and ferries for inter-city transfers. Just board your ride and you’re all set to feel the charm of God's own country.


Helicopter taxis can be hired at Kochi and Thiruvanathpuram from the city airports. These services require travellers to make advance reservations, which are mandatory during the festive season especially if you’re planning to head to pilgrimage spots like Sabrimala.


With a coastline running over 500 sq Kms of land along the Arabian sea, Kerala’s marine transportation is just as active as it road and air transit system. Small boats and sea jets ferry passengers from one district to the other, while houseboats cruise on the backwaters. The port city of Kochi is Kerala’s marine transit hub. Here you can book a journey on any of the vessels of your choice and receive info on the various routes connected with the local waterways.


The inter-city rail network is the best for long haul trips to villages and attractions scattered within the territory of state. There are local services and express trains to choose from. The express trains run nonstop between any two cities whereas the local service will make a few stops before getting to a destination.

Tickets are fairly priced and can be obtained at any of the stations. Keep in mind that the local network is subject to technical snags resulting in short delays. Passenger trains are practical for short trips to areas that are left out by the express services which are slightly expensive. But on a tight schedule, spending a few bucks extra on express tickets may prove to be extremely beneficial.


Budgetary constraints will never spoil your vacation in Kerala as its transit system offers diverse options to cater to different pockets. State-run buses and privately operated ‘coaches’ to Kerala come in various degrees of speed and comfort. There are regular, fast, super fast and deluxe buses that cover long and short distances throughout the state.

Regular buses may be a little too rugged and appropriate for short journeys. Fast buses are certainly better in terms of condition and ideal for a trip to large towns and villages. Super fast and deluxe services operate widely on the routes of the cities.

Auto Rickshaws and Taxis

Taxis are convenient but at times outrageously expensive. Ambassador taxis painted in black and yellow are common in a few districts. Indica cabs have also registered their presence on the roads. All cabs charge passengers in accordance with the distance travelled. Since fares are revised in every few months, it is advisable to gain relevant information on taxi charges from tourist offices and residents.

Auto Rickshaws often end up charging more than the prescribed rates. Therefore, while hiring an auto, make sure that the driver has agreed to use the meter. If the driver’s insistent on going by a fixed rate, bring your bargaining skills in action before striking the deal.

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