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Food of Madhya Pradesh

An eclectic variety of cuisines are available in the different cities and towns of Madhya Pradesh, depending on the regional predisposition of the local population. In cities with strong Muslim influence, like Bhopal, the food tends to be rich and heavy. Typical Bhopal cuisine would include an interesting array of breads, rice dishes like biryani and kababs and curries of fish, mutton and chicken with the dominant flavours of garlic, onions and spices all cooked in generous quantities of ghee. On the other hand, the food of the Marathas is lightly spiced, low fat and uses fresh coconut, a large variety of vegetables and pulses.

In between these diametrically opposite cuisines lies an entire range of snack foods and sweetmeats typical to Indian cooking. Indore, one of the big commercial centres of Madhya Pradesh has a street with more than 56 eating places encompassing the entire gamut of Indian cuisine. But for those who like to stay with the tried and tested, Madhya Pradesh has plenty of restaurants that serve continental European dishes, Chinese food and American style fast food like pizzas, burgers and grilled sandwiches.

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