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Sightseeing in Orchha

One of the important tourist attractions in Orchha is the Raj Mahal that was started by Raja Rudra Pratap, but after his death in 1531, the construction was completed by his son Bharti Chand and the final touches to the Mahal were added by Raja Madhukar Shah who further built several other monuments in Orchha. After entering the Raj Mahal premises you will witness the lively murals encompassing a variety of spiritual and secular themes. This palace is a fine example of Mughal architecture with stone jali work.

Take a stroll in the exquisite and intricately carved Jahangir Mahal built by Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo to commemorate Emperor Jahangir’s visit to Orchha. The palace is crowned by graceful chhatris and complementing the exteriors are the interiors of this palace that represent the finest work of the Bundela School of Architecture. The Jahangir Mahal is decorated with geometric patterns, paintings of peacocks and flowers. You can get a great view of soaring temples from this palace.

The third magnificent palace in Orchha is Rai Praveen Mahal that was built in 1618 by Maharaja Indrajit Singh. The palace is surrounded by lush gardens with flowerbeds and shrubs trimmed in various artistic shapes. As the legend goes this Mahal was built in honour of the ‘Nightingale of Orchha’, Rai Praveen who was well known for her enchanting beauty, poetry and music.

You can also visit the beautiful Laxminarayan Temple and Chaturbhuj Temple that attracts many tourists. Spotted around the area are various shrines and memorials each with its own history.

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