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Sightseeing in Pachmarhi

Sightseeing in Pachmarhi can be exciting as well as enchanting, considering the beauty of this place.

Beauty apart, the Mahadeo Hills is a pilgrimage centre, with ancient shrines to Shiva concealed in deep ravines and cliffs. The sacred site of Mahadeo in Chauragarh is the spot where the God tricked the demon Bhasmasur, and Jata Shankar, as the name suggests, resembles Shiva’s untamed locks. A dark cave in Jata Shankar has two naturally formed Shivlingas on which water drips constantly from a pool. The mythological Pandava kings are said to have spent part of their exile in the Pandava Caves or Panch Mathi, which lent their name to Pachmarhi.

Dhoopgarh is the highest point in the Satpura range, and has an amazing view of the surrounding ranges. It is a very popular spot for viewing the sunset.

The Satpura National Park is home to exotic bird and animal species - the gaur, sambar, leopard, barking deer, langur and the occasional tiger; spotted pigeons, gold-throated chiloropsis, great pied hornbills and kingfishers, to name a few.

There is a colonial side to Pachmarhi, too. Red-roofed bungalows with pretty gardens, jacarandas and laburnums overhanging pebbled paths, churches with stained glass windows, and a typical cantonment area complete the picture.

This sublime landscape is offset by a historical heritage of Stone Age cave paintings, the oldest of which is 10,000 years. Pachmarhi is a place that has escaped the onslaught of reckless development - a fate suffered by so many other hill stations in the country - and the area has been declared a biosphere reserve.

Within the city are the rocky Pandav caves from the Buddhist period, the government gardens and a museum too.

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