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Things to do in Ajanta

In Ajanta, the list of things to do includes taking a torch lit tour of the caves, admiring the beautiful paintings, or marvelling at the both life-size and miniature sculptures. Appreciate exquisite murals and impressive carvings at numerous caves in Ajanta. Take a trip to places like Saptakunda – a natural pool or Daulatabad Fort near Ajanta Caves. Come and explore the charm of these beautiful Caves as you partake in the famous Ajanta Ellora Festival held in November every year.

Sightseeing in Ajanta

Transport yourself back to the past during Ajanta sightseeing tour– take a torch-lit tour of the Caves and marvel at the beautiful paintings that glow softly in the dark and gasp at the life-size and miniature sculptures that abound here.

Shopping in Ajanta

Shopping in Ajanta is limited to government shops near the bus stop or you may buy traditional Bidri Pottery that makes for excellent souvenirs along with some knick-knacks at small shops near the parking bay of Ajanta caves.

Activities in Ajanta

Activities in Ajanta are restricted to exploring the caves, marvel at sculptures and just enjoy the scenic beauty of the caves.

NearBy Places in Ajanta

Places to see around Ajanta include the Saptakunda that is a natural pool at the bottom of the cliff from which Ajanta caves have been excavated and is fed by a waterfall.

Eating Out in Ajanta

Eating out in Ajanta Caves is restricted to either having a meal at the Ajanta Restaurant located near the caves or packing your own picnic lunch and water and enjoying it in the vicinity of the caves.

Festivals & Events in Ajanta

The Ajanta Ellora Festival is one of the major festivals in Ajanta that is celebrated with pomp and enthusiasm.

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