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Sightseeing in Ajanta

Transport yourself back to the past during Ajanta sightseeing tour– take a torch-lit tour of the Caves and marvel at the beautiful paintings that glow softly in the dark and gasp at the life-size and miniature sculptures that abound here. You can amble though the Ajanta Caves on your own or take a guided tour – the art contained in these Buddhist Caves are great works by themselves and one can spend hours studying them. Guides are helpful in explaining the pictorial stories and in pointing out some of the more amazing aspects of the paintings and sculptures that transform the rocky cave walls.

Begin with Cave 1, which has some of the finest painting specimens, particularly the two bodhisattvas of Padmapani and Vajrapani and an impressive seated Buddha sculpture. Move on to Cave 2 with its beautiful ceiling painted to resemble a tent and its lovely animated sculptures. Walkthrough the other caves observing many more murals and frescoes, many of them illuminating stories from the Jataka tales, and episodes from the Buddha’s life. Exquisite sculptures capture your eye, their fine detailing adding to the aesthetic beauty of the Caves. Of particular interest are Cave 17 with its exquisite murals, Cave 19 with some astounding sculptures and Cave 26 with its impressive carvings.

At Ajanta, you can spend the whole day transfixed by a single monumental image or get your fill of a million visual delights. Whatever you choose, chances are that you will come away with some wonderful memories.

Cave Timings :

9.00AM to 17.30PM Indian Standard Time (IST)

Ajanta Caves remain closed on Monday

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