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Shopping in Aurangabad

Shopping in Aurangabad is an exciting affair. Head to the markets in the old city for everything from antiques and bric-a-brac to fine silks and cotton textiles. Aurangabad is famous for a variety of beautiful textiles perfected by craftsmen and weavers down centuries. Good buys would include shawls and stoles of Kimkhab— a fabric made by blending local silk with gold thread but since not all had the necessary purchasing power, silk was blended with cotton and made into a cheaper version called Himroo. Shawls, scarves, stoles and bedspreads of Himroo can be bought near Zafar Gate in Mondhard district or visit a factory to see the actual creative process.

Another specialty of the region is the exquisite Paithani sarees also made of silk and gold threads. Bidriware uses black gunmetal etched with Islamic designs in gold to create boxes, hookahs, samovars, wine jars and glasses; jewellery and mementos made of agate, amethysts and crystal found locally is another of the crafts Aurangabad is famous for.

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