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Sightseeing in Ellora

Ellora sightseeing tour includes a visit to its 34 totally marvellous caves. Gaze in amazement at the beautiful and serene Buddha sculptures in Cave 2 and admire the wall paintings in Cave 6.

Cave 10 or the Vishwakarma Cave is also known as the Sutar Jhopada or Carpenters Cave referring to the stone rafters resembling wooden beams here and the fineness of the seated Buddha sculpture. Cave 11 and 12 are multi-storeyed and filled with beautiful carvings.

Trek through the Hindu caves and gaze at the countless bas-reliefs along the walls, most of them depicting episodes from Shiva’s life and a few showing Lord Vishnu’s various incarnations. Interesting some of the Hindu Caves were once Buddhist sites and one can see the transition in the carvings and friezes.

Explore the impressive Kailash Temple with its vibrant sculpted friezes and detailed paintings. Stop to admire the exquisite carvings of the two River Goddesses, Ganga and Yamuna, which flank the temple entrance. Watch the Mahabharata come alive in the long sculpted friezes running along the walls of the Kailash Temple.

The Jain Caves, though less grand in scale as compared to the Hindu Caves, bear some beautiful sculptures, particularly the Gomatesvara image. Ellora is sure to leave you filled with deep respect for India’s masterful artists.

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