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Sightseeing in Murud-janjira

Get a dose of local history in Murud. Visit the palace of the Siddhi Nawabs, the Janjira Fort and the Janjira caves. The Arabian Sea crashes relentlessly all around the fort, which lies 2 km into the ocean at Murud. Built in the mid-16th century, the Janjira fort was originally a wooden fortress built by the Murud fishermen to protect their village from pirates. Burankhan, the minister of the ruler of Ahmednagar, Nizamshah, later demolished the fortress and built an impregnable stone fort in its place. Janjira fort had a number of towers and turrets where huge guns and cannons were kept in perpetual readiness to ward off enemies. Shivaji, Sambhaji and the Peshwas tried, in turn, to take over the fort, but the Marathas, British or Portuguese could never capture Janjira. Padmadurg Fort or Kasa Fort as it is called today is now in decay. The fort built by Sambhaji, Shivaji’s successor was meant to be a response to the Janjira Fort. The fort spreads across 8 acres but is inaccessible for a major part of the year due to weather conditions. Special permission can be obtained in winter to visit this monument. The Ahmedganj Palace , the estate of the Siddi Nawab of Murud is also out of bounds to the tourist. Laid across 45 acres, the present Nawab Siddi Mehmood Khan resides here. The Palace grounds have a mosque on the premises and the remains of the two previous rulers. And after the historical adventures, Murud Beach offers you 1.75 km of pure white firm sand to relax on. For more fun and frolic visit the Garambi Falls . Get drenched or enjoy splashing under the 100 ft high waterfall. The water here is supposed to be the purest in Maharashtra.

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