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Things to do in Aizawl

Aizawl is a hidden land in the north east state of Mizoram. Within the town limits there may not be many things to do or see, but venture out into the surrounding areas and take in the lovely scenic views afforded. Small villages abound and one can see how the tribals of the area live. Buy some bamboo handicrafts from them to take back home as a reminder of your visit to Mizoram.

Sightseeing in Aizawl

The capital city, Aizawl, stands like a citadel watching over the valleys of Mizoram. Aizawl does have a few interesting places to see if you want to do some sightseeing.

Shopping in Aizawl

If you are looking for souvenirs when you go on a shopping expedition, buy the Khumbeu ceremonial bamboo hat, made of waterproof wild Hnathial leaves.

Activities in Aizawl

Around Aizwal there is some opportunity for adventure activities and trekking.

Phawangpui also known as the Blue Mountain has some great trekking trails.

NearBy Places in Aizawl

Take a day trip out to see some places near Aizawl - there are some beautiful picnic spots nearby.

Eating Out in Aizawl

Eating out in Aizawl is restricted to savouring a meal at the hotel you put up or at the local restaurants, which are limited in number.

Festivals & Events in Aizawl

The Mizos are an agrarian people and their festivals are centered around their crops and farming activities.

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