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Festivals and Events in Aizawl

The Mizos are an agrarian people and their festivals are centered around their crops and farming activities. Kut is the most well known festival of Mizoram. It has three variations - Chapchar kut, Mim kut and Pawl Kut.

Chapchar kut is celebrated with drums, gongs and cymbals and the people pray for a good crop. This is right after they have cleared the jungles for cultivation of crops. It is held in the month of February or March.

Mim kut is held in the month of September after the maize harvest.

Pawl kut is celebrated in December/January after the Harvest. It is the greatest festival of the Mizos and involves much fanfare, feasting and fun. The dances of Mizoram are Cheraw, Khuallam, Chheih lam and Solakar or Sarlamkai. Cheraw is dedicated to the departed souls of mothers who die at childbirth so that she may enter the abode of the dead safely. The dancers use bamboo sticks as accessories in the dance. Khuallam is a dance in honour of visitors and guests. Chheihlam is a dance done over gallons of rice beer. The songs involve lyrics that are made on the spot. It symbolizes the end of a day’s work on the fields. Solakar/Sarlamkari is the traditional dance of the Mara and Pawl tribes.

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