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Sightseeing in Aizawl

The capital city, Aizawl, stands like a citadel watching over the valleys of Mizoram. Aizawl does have a few interesting places to see if you want to do some sightseeing. White churches dot the landscape of this small city. If you are shopping for souvenirs, a visit to the Bara Bazaar and the Luangmual Handicrafts Centre will get you the most beautiful bamboo hats and shawls.

The Mizoram State Museum is located in the centre of the town and the displays are scanty but give you an idea of Mizoram’s culture and history. This is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Ruantlang, 5 km away is a village where the traditional Mizo way of life has been preserved.

For breathtaking views of blue hazed hills and vales, head to Phawangpui, also known as the Blue Mountain. It is the highest peak in Mizoram at an altitude of 7100 feet above sea level. The Durtlang Hills, south of Aizawl, are high ridges punctuated by small villages and Christian convents. This area is ideal for day-hikes from Aizawl. Silver cascades punctuate the beauty of the hills as waterfalls crash their way down green clad, mist-covered hills.

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